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RTMS Opens Doors For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Growing a small business in the increasingly difficult global economic climate is not easy. Despite the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) industry being a big driver of employment and economic growth for South Africa, many of these businesses face several challenges during the start-up phase.

Oliver Naidoo, Managing Director of SANAS-accredited certification body JC Auditors (JCA), says early implementation of credible standards and certifications can accelerate the progress of a business overcoming some of these challenges. “Certification to the Road Transport Management System (RTMS) promotes safety, compliance and efficiency in a commercial fleet -regardless of the size. Along with ISO standards, these are proven mechanisms that enable a business to achieve safety, efficiency and cost gains,” he says.

RTMS is an industry-led, government-supported, voluntary, self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and road transport operators to implement a set of standards that demonstrate compliance with road traffic regulations and contributes to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety and increasing productivity. ISO standards are internationally agreed upon by experts and manage various systems within a business, with the core goals of risk mitigation, continual improvement and promoting business sustainability.

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