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Mining Vehicles

Our Strenghts


Our clients view us as their reliable partner in the transport industry, something which enables us to continue to thrive. We specialize in transportation of platinum Concentrate utilizing bulk tankers, material handling utilizing yellow equipment and side tipper operations transporting chrome.  



Mining has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning from the days of manual labor with shovels and canaries to modern, technology-driven operations. The era of canaries in coal mines came to an end in 1987, marking a significant shift in safety practices. Today, each mining venture presents unique challenges dictated by factors such as ore type, geological composition, and economic viability. Yet, certain elements remain consistent across all underground mines: ventilation systems to ensure air quality, escape routes for emergencies, access shafts for personnel and equipment, transport tunnels, and communication networks linking surface and subterranean operations. Underground mining, essential for extracting resources buried deep beneath the surface, demands specialized expertise and equipment. Mamoja Trading & Projects recognizes the importance of this sector's growth potential and has expanded its operations to include underground mining solutions, aligning with our long-term vision and commitment to industry innovation.



In the intricate fabric of industry, where the economy's gears turn, ensuring seamless operations and fostering expansion is paramount. At Mamoja Trading & Projects, we recognize this critical need and offer top-tier earth-moving equipment and yellow plant equipment for hire, facilitating the efficiency and growth of your endeavors. Our commitment to excellence extends through every facet of our services. From our superior quality machinery meticulously maintained for optimal performance and reliability, to our dedicated backup and support, providing round-the-clock assistance to swiftly address any challenges you encounter, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With our diverse equipment range, including excavators, bulldozers, and graders, among others, we ensure you have access to the right tools for the job, every time. Rest assured, our availability assurance guarantees prompt equipment availability, enabling seamless project execution without delays. Moreover, in addition to our plant hire services, Mamoja Trading & Projects offers a comprehensive suite of civil works solutions, further bolstering our commitment to supporting your projects from inception to completion.


We guarantee the utmost integrity and quality service with transport services that are on time and reliable. We design transport solutions that are specific to our customers unique business requirements.


Our fleet and equipment are consistently maintained and monitored according to safety standards. We express a concern for health, safety and the environment and it is an integral part of our business conduct.  


Our quality management system focuses on time, product, cost, and an acceptable level of service from our customers. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys that enable us to improve our services. 


The customer is at the centre of everything we do and ensure we deliver optimum and swift services. We strive for strong long-term partnerships with our clients.


We have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place to provide the policies, processes, and standards for success and to reduce errors and increase efficiencies.


We are determined to never forget that our hardworking team is what makes the difference. We value our people and will always look at ways to grow together.


We have years of experience and tremendous expertise in the industry. We have achieved numerous milestones in the services we have provided over the years and currently have 270 L.T.I free days.


All our drivers are licenced, inducted and undergo regular driver training, medical and other required checks. 

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