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Pan African Supply Chain Awards 2023

Mamoja Trading & Projects and our Founder and CEO Annah Ngxeketo were awarded Best People Development Initiative at the 2023 Pan African Supply Chain Awards. The awards recognize the highest professional Character and Excellence displayed in the Procurement and Supply Chain industry. Supply Chain is one of the most growing professions with far reaching impact in economies across the continent. Supply Chain professionals like Annah in Africa continue to spearhead economic inclusivity, growth, and sustainability. The award highlights Mamoja training and development programmes as sustainable and that they have helped to deliver real improvements in performance and society.

Every achievement at Mamoja Trading & Logistics happens because of teamwork and to be awarded Best People Development Initiative for our CSR initiative means we believe in changing the narrative in the Transport and Logistics industry. We believe in changing the lives of communities, and we believe in holding the hands of youth and women especially in this difficult economic status quo in our country. We have established A Re Direng Mmogo Programme, A Re Direng Mmogo means let's work together. It's an in-house empowerment initiative where we train youth and women with code 10 and 14 for truck driving for when opportunities arise. Mamoja Training & Projects have trained 10 women through the programme, one is permanently hired, 2 are in probation and 2 is still in experiential training within Mamoja Trading & Projects. “Unemployment is still a big problem in South Africa and with A re Direng Mmogo we are trying to bring hope to our people. We always carry the words of Mme Charlotte Maxeke when she said "This work is not ourselves. Kill that spirit of ’self’ and do not live above your people. If you can rise, bring some with you. " This award is not for Mamoja but for the community of Marikana, community of Rustenburg, community of North West Province and Community of Africa that we are trying to develop,” said Annah Ngxeketo.

This programme aims to upskill individuals who aspire to be truck drivers, but who do not have access to the financial resources needed to acquire a commercial truck driver’s licence. This programme also assists new and existing drivers who lack confidence to secure employment, through enrolment in an advanced driver training programme.


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