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2023 - A Message from our CEO

2023 will be an important year to accelerate the transformation of both our strategy and culture at Mamoja Trading & Projects. Mamoja was founded on the unique vision of providing customized, innovative end-to-end transport solutions of the highest quality. It is with this vision in mind that every member of our team dedicates to their daily work.

I am proud to personally stand behind every project assigned to us this year and to support our teams’ contribution to your success. I firmly believe that it is our passion of surpassing customers’ expectations that will continue to enable us to become a world-class transportation service provider.

With Mamoja as your partner, you can rest assured that you are placing even the most complex transport program in good hands – confident that we will proactively handle even the most complicated situations with solutions that ensure your business needs are met.

Thank you, to all who have put their trust in us. I believe in our bright future filled with opportunities and challenges and that Mamoja will continually deliver on our promises and strive to perform with integrity and professionalism. You can expect consistently high-quality transport solutions from us anytime, anywhere.

Yours sincerely,

Annah Sekhuthe Ngxeketo

CEO & Founder, Mamoja Trading & Projects


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