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Mamoja's Safety Campaign

MAMOJA Safety Campaign
MAMOJA Safety Campaign

MAMOJA's Safety Campaign is an initiative aiming at raising safety awareness, thereby reducing the severity and frequency of truck accidents in the country. The Department of Transport and the Road Transport Management System (RTMS) have made great strides forward in safety awareness in recent years. The reason MAMOJA came up with this initiative is because, as part of the industry, we bear witness to more truck accidents every year.

The most obvious reason why road safety is important is that many lives are at stake when you are on the road. Some factors contributing to the high rate of accidents includes the behaviour of drivers and other road users, the maintenance and design of infrastructure etc. All these accidents are avoidable, and at MAMOJA we believe a lasting change in workplace attitudes and culture is necessary - from everyone who works in the transport industry - is necessary. In order to deliver the biggest possible impact, we need to ensure that our safe vehicles are driven by safe drivers on safe roads. Our CEO Annah Ngxeketo is launching this campaign under the theme "Safety is a small investment for a rich future, hence it remains our priority".

We would like to invite you to join us in making initiative significant and as a symbol of the great working relationship we already have. Safety Awareness is everybody's responsibility. Some companies in the Transport and Logistics rallied to support and partner with Mamoja Trading & Projects as a call to pledge for safety on the road.


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